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You can send us comments and messages to be displayed on our message board here. You can either email us with your comment or if you prefer use the form shown below the comments posted. 

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  • Denis wrote:

    This is an example of a comment made on a post. I reserve the right to refuse to display your post or edit the comment before posting. You can ask us to delete a comment that you have posted or reply to someone else's comment. Use this as a place to share what you are thinking about our web site or any St Brendan's Old Boys related matter.

  • Denis wrote:

    If you are looking for our original message board, I regret to advise that because of the number of spam entries offering a variety of Genuine ROLEX Watches, Viagra or other medicines etc. We have decided to take the site down. We have included a device on this page to attempt to restrict that possibility here.

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