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St Brendan's Old Boys, formed by Old Boys of St Brendans both from Berkeley Square and Brislington (up to to 1985).

Hopefully this can be a meeting place where old friendships can be renewed and old photos shared.


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Ralph Murphy ( left St Brendans 1961) has asked me to draw the attention of the SBOBs to a book that he has written about his family’s experience in emigrating from Ireland after the famine of 1845 at first to Wales to work in the coalmines and later to Bristol. The story centres on Ralph’s father William who fought in the First World War with the Second Battalion of the Welch Regiment but also covers Ralph’s grandfather’s time with the Second Battalion of the Gloucester Regiment in the Anglo South African War. The book relates the difficult social conditions experienced by poor Catholics in South Wales in the 19th century and also the hardships encountered by all working class people in Bristol in the interwar period. Ralph believes that the story of his family may resonate with many SBOBs own family stories. The story covers the impact on Bristol of the second world war and ends with William’s death in 1965. Ralph’s own time at St Brendans is an element in the overall account but by no means a comprehensive one. The book, called “ A Long Way from Tipperary”, is available via Amazon.


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